The shop isn’t displayed properly – what should I do?

Due to the huge traffic in the beginning of the current shop opening the shop’s website wasn’t displayed properly for some users. We were able to solve this problem, yet some customers are still provided the incomplete site, looking somewhat like this:

If the shop is still not displayed properly (see example above) and i.e. only text and pictures are show, the problem should be easily solved by clearing the cache of one’s browser. Here you finde a step-by-step instruction for clearing the browsers’ cache, which is Chrome on Mac OS X and Windows in this case:

1. In the browsers menu click on “Chrome” or press the button with the three dots right next to the adress bar.

2. Then click on “Clear Browsing Data….” or navigate to “More tools” > “Clear Browsing Data”.

3. Deselect all entries on the “Clear browsing data” dialogue except “Cached images and files” and press the “Clear browsing data”-Button.

4. Go to and check if the problem is solved now.

5. If the problem still occurs please send us an email (best would be with a screenshot of the problem attached) at

Here you’ll find a video instruction to clear the browsers’ cache in Chrome and Firefox on Windows: